CEO KR. Friedrich Macher, Prof
has successfully led logistics and informatics companies for over 30 years. Guest professor at the Donau University in Krems (with focal points of strategy, leadership, logistics). Lecturer of network management at MC (Management Centre)-Innsbruck. Founding and honorary president of the BVL (National Association of Logistics) Austria. Honorary chairman of the WdF (Economic Forum of Executives). Honorary member of the Austrian Transportation Economics Society. Active alpinist and mountain rescuer.
COO Railway Master Richard Ulz
Professional experience in many areas of the railway for many decades, especially as responsible general manager and security manager of the ŌBB (Austrian Railways). Master of Law of the University of Vienna. Security engineer of the ETH (Confederate Technical School) Zürich. Long-standing member of the International Union of Railways –security platform. Long-standing member of the experts committee of the ERA for “common safety targets”. Long-standing member in “European railway safety management”.