Corporate Policy / Safety Regulations

We have a high safety awareness because

  • We always make a safe decision
  • We comply with laws, regulations and all other legal requirements
  • We implement our security policy
  • We take care of our health and the health of our colleagues and employees
  • We provide safe vehicles with adequate maintenance
  • We satisfy our customers
  • We actively manage the risks and opportunities of the company
  • We constantly improve our processes and achieve or exceed the targets

This ensure …

  • Thomas Schuhmacher – Managing Director
  • Katja Springer – Quality Manager
  • Richard Ulz – Railway Manager

Vision, Mission, Strategy for Security and Quality Policy / Mission Statement

1. Purpose of the company (vision)

“We are the leading private rail logistics provider in Central and Southeastern Europe.”

  • We are customer-oriented. All our strength and energy is focused on being a problem solving partner for our customers.
  • We are innovative. Our customers see us as a solution partner for state-of-the-art supply chain management
  • We are slim. Therefore, we offer our customers an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • We are owner-managed. We decide quickly – with and for our customers.

2. Mission

We see ourselves as a competent and flexible logistics service provider. Our core business is integrated rail logistics services. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in the acquisition, organization and execution.

3. Strategic importance of security and quality management

We use our SMS, IHM and QMS to …

  • ensure safe operation
  • Economical, long-term and sustainable to carry out our core process
  • Tying customers through lean and solution-oriented ways of working
  • Act legally and maintain continuous operation
  • constantly improve our quality level and depend on our business success
  • keep our employees, who are our most valuable asset, healthy and motivated
  • To train and educate our employees, to prepare them well for their tasks and thus to keep GCA competitive
  • systematically manage our processes
  • be able to measure and control our processes
  • make corrections and improvements
  • identify and minimize our risks and to exploit the resulting opportunities
  • always keep our rail vehicles safe through proper maintenance

4. Improving the effectiveness of the SM and QM system

In order to achieve our safety and Q goals, be efficient and improve the SM / QM system, we use the following tools:

  • management review
  • Training Schedule
  • Measures Table
  • Guided documents (manual, procedural instructions, functional descriptions)
  • Risk management
  • appraisal interview
  • Internal and external audits